Prescription Policy

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Prescription Policy

Any medication refill that has been prescribed by the doctor, please give your pharmacy 48 to 72 hours notice and they will then contact us.

We request refills to be handled during office hours, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Please plan on checking with your pharmacy before going to pick up your prescription to be certain that it has been filled.  Some narcotic pain medications require a handwritten prescription so please be prepared to pick up these prescriptions from the office.  Prescription refills need to be requested during office hours.

If you are requesting a written prescription for mail order, please confirm with us if you want to pick up the prescription, or have it mailed to a certain.

Please note that providers at Arthritis Consultants may request reports from the Virginia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program before refilling or prescribing controlled substances  as an effort to comply with Virginia regulations regarding appropriate use of narcotic agents.

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